flood risk assement in south scotland and cumbria


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Government Planning Policy requires that planning authorities consider flood risk issues when preparing development plans and in determining planning applications. In Scotland The Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 also sets out duties with respect to flood risk management for SEPA, local authorities, Scottish Water and other responsible authorities.

The technical requirements of a Flood Risk Assessment for any site can range from the provision of detailed topographic information to demonstrate the relative level of the development site in relation to the river bed, river banks and floodplain, to technically detailed hydrological and 1 or 2-dimensional hydraulic modelling to investigate the risk to the development or its impact elsewhere.

Flooding Risk Assessments Limited provide the clear presentation of key data as required by local authorities and SEPA that will enable an improved review and response time to Planning consultations. We follow recommended technical flood risk guidance to ensure that the appropriate techniques are applied and that suitable information is clearly supplied to satisfy SEPA and the approval authority’s technical requirements.

Flooding Risk Assessments Limited provide support to a planning application when it appears that the site, or parts of the site, may be at ‘medium to high risk’ of flooding (i.e. located on or immediately adjacent to the functional floodplain). That means that there is a 0.5% Annual Probability of flooding in any given year. This probability is also sometimes referred to as the 200 year flood. The main purpose of the Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is to investigate, for a specific site, what the likely risk of flooding is and to demonstrate whether the site is out with the flood plain, or, if appropriate, whether acceptable mitigation measures can be put in place. The scale, nature and location of the proposed development will inform the scope of the FRA required

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